Amber is web application for face detecting to reduce crime in USA.







Cloud Server




Specific Requirements

  1. Data being collected and analyzed is essential to protect individuals’ privacy
  2. Building public trust and acceptance of the use of facial recognition technology for law enforcement purposes

Business Features

It is typically used by law enforcement agencies to help identify suspects in criminal cases, or to search for missing persons

Key feature included:
  • Detecting the presence of a face in an image or video
  • Identifying the specific locations of features on the face, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Recognizing individual faces and associating them with a name or other identifier
  • Analyzing facial expressions or emotions
  • Comparing faces to a database to find matches
  • Blurring or obscuring faces to protect privacy

Technical Solution

  • Using a JavaScript library such as face-api.js
  • Developing a custom face detection model using a deep learning framework
  • Cloud-based services like AWS Rekognition, Google Cloud Vision, Azure Face API and IBM Watson Visual Recognition
  • Developed a custom face detection model using a deep learning framework such as TensorFlow or PyTorch and then deploying it as a web service using a tool such as TensorFlow.js or ONNX.js.