Art of Living

App for teachings, programs and practices of the AOL foundation and its associates worldwide




React native,Java



Cloud Server



Art of Living

Specific Requirements

  1. Design a user-friendly app that helps users find what they are looking for
  2. Security and Privacy about user personal information

Business Features

It provides a range of features and tools to help users improve their physical and mental well-being

Key feature included:
  • Meditations and relaxation exercises related Videos & Courses
  • Feed related to diet, exercise, and stress management
  • Personalized daily affirmations
  • User can create a personalized daily plan based on their goals and needs
  • User can register for the Courses and Join the Courses

Technical Solution

  • Create Single Codebase Mobile Solutions for ios and android platforms
  • The entire solution was implemented on AWS Cloud with Kubernetes and microservices to keep high availability as good as 24×7
  • Integration with Stripe Payment Gateway for Financial Transactions
  • MongoDB Database Setup
  • Real Time Push Notification.