Budget Bet

Australian Official Betting site for different events




Flutter(Dart Language),Java,Spring Boot



Cloud Server

AWS,AWS Route53


Budget Bet(https://www.budgetbet.com)

Specific Requirements

  1. Realtime Tracking of the Betting Points
  2. Two way communication where customer sees the betting values without refreshing page
  3. Realtime results tracking System

Business Features

Each betting option represents a certain outcome, usually in a sporting event, but you can also bet on political events, weather and more

Key feature included:
  • Budget Bet Login & Registration.
  • Live Tracking of Racing
  • Instant Payment release after winning the Bet
  • Mobile application with cross platform IOS and Android
  • Generating the Promotions
  • Show the challenges
  • Transaction Management
  • Wallet Management
  • GeenID Verification

Technical Solution

  • Usage of Websockets for Bi-directional Communications
  • Integration with Stripe
  • Usage of AWS Autoscaling System for Load Handling
  • Cloud Database Aurora for better query processing
  • JMeter to measure the performance after each enhancement
  • Admin Module to dynamically update the betting values.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing with more than 25000 customer online
  • No downtime for the system during active hours – Australian