Business Process Outsourcing

Delivering Digitized BPO Solutions to Industries

Are you looking for service providers who can help you to deal with the outsourcing services? Go no further, byPeople Technologies Australia is here to look after your business’s BPO related needs. We use digital software solutions for meeting the administrative and business needs of our clientele. Our team provides innovative, customized and cost-effective BPO solutions. Some of the services provided by us are:

Data Entry Services

byPeople Technologies Australia provides reliable and accurate Data Entry Services to its clientele. Our experienced team handles the entering of millions of records in an efficient manner. We make this service affordable by providing reasonable pricing to the business houses. Few things we offer under Data Entry are Excel sheet entry, Sales and Purchase Data entry, E-Commerce Store Data Entry, Travel Claim Data Entry services and much more.

Data Processing Service

Our team provides effective data processing service to our clients by managing the umpteen unorganized data at hand. We make sure to use modernized technology to process the official data and save it for future use. Data Processing service by byPeople Technologies Australia provides tailor-made solutions to the business clients and renders Image, Forms, Insurance Claim, Survey, Document, Resume, Catalog, Invoice processing services.

Data Scanning and Indexing Service

Our company leverages the entire document scanning services and Indexing service by making the soft copies of huge amount of data. We provide cost-effective data management by storing numerous forms of data on the Cloud Storage. Our experts convert documents into easily readable formats that seem suitable to the business houses. It includes scanning and indexing services of Invoices, PDF, Images, Tax Records, etc.

Data Conversion

We manages and organizes piles of data kept unorganized with the companies into accessible formats. The duplicate information is discarded and only useful data is recorded with the help of data conversion services. We have experts for data conversion that provides conversion of PDF Files, Statements, Images, Reports, Invoices, Statements, converting PDF and HTML files to XML, etc.

Form Processing

With our form processing service, the companies do not have to look out for small information by going through end number of Excel Sheets or online documents. We use modern software that makes the work easier and data is processed without any ambiguity. Our form processing services include Online Form, Survey, Credit Cards, Catalog, Invoice Form, Tax form processing, etc.

Data Mining

Dealing with complexities of the business requires analyzing the data to know about the latest market trends, streamlining the customer data, economic policies, etc. Our Company provides seamless data mining services that are cost-effective and provides accurate information to the clients at one place. Our Data Mining services include Product and E-Mail Data Mining, Data Mining of Finances, Education, legal services, etc.

Digital Photography Services

To attract your immediate audience, the companies must use high-quality digital photography services that will help in retaining the customers. byPeople Technologies Australia is a specialized digital photography company that excels in making the products looks best on your business website. Various kinds of services provided by us include Image Masking, Photo Editing, Photo Enhancement and Restoration, Image Manipulation and Colorization, etc.

Resume Formatting

The resume formatting services have become very relevant in today’s corporate world. Companies as well as the candidates require these services. We’re offering the CV Formatting Services to companies and clients at different locations across the globe. The companies get a lot of benefits in regards to the resume formatting that we cater to a large segment of clients irrespective of industries. The companies need these services to address a lots of things in regards to effective recruitment.

Mortgage/ Deeds Documents Processing

Our Company converts the handwritten or printed mortgage/deed documents into an electronic format. We provide reasonably priced mortgage/deeds documents processing service to our clients. We also ensure to save data into easily readable digital formats that will help in safeguarding it from any kind of loss or damage. Our team will manage documents processing, digitization and present it into a preferable file format.

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