Localized food ordering and delivery service (operated by small tiffin (lunch box) providers







Cloud Server



cannot disclose (bound by NDA)

Specific Requirements

  1. Managing food orders and deliveries
  2. Integration with the tiffin providers’ existing systems
  3. Real-Time product delivery

Business Features

E-Tiffin allows users to browse and select items to order, as well as tools for managing their orders and tracking the status of their deliveries.

Key feature included:
  • Menu card to filter and sort menu items by various criteria such as price, type of cuisine, or dietary restrictions
  • Track the order status including the expected delivery time
  • Meal suggestion to users based on their past orders or dietary preferences
  • Users can schedule recurring orders, such as daily or weekly deliveries
  • User can receive alerts and Push notifications about new menu items or special offers
  • User can manage their personal and payment information, as well as any preferences or settings related to their orders

Technical Solution

  • Integrated Google Map API for Live Tracking
  • Multi-factor authentication, and account recovery options.
  • Multiple mobile platforms support such as iOS and Android,
  • Microsoft Azure cloud-based infrastructure to ensure scalability and reliability
  • Designed to be mobile-responsive for variety of devices and screen sizes
  • Integrated Third party open Source API of Existing System for Inventory management & Invoicing Purpose