e-Grocery store app for shopping groceries







Cloud Server

AWS s3,AWS ec2


GrubHawker e-Grocery Store

Specific Requirements

  1. Design a user-friendly app that helps users find what they are looking for
  2. Real-Time Inventory Management

Business Features

It typically includes features such as a virtual grocery store, which allows users to browse and purchase items online

Key feature included:
  • Users can easily access real-time product availability and pricing information
  • Search function to help users find specific products
  • Track the status of order, such as expected delivery date & any updates or notifications about the order
  • Set sleep goals and track their progress towards meeting those goals
  • Users can redeem coupons or discounts on their purchases
  • Recommends products to users based on their past purchases or other relevant data, such as their location or time of day
  • Customer service Live Chat to help with their orders or ask questions
  • Integrated with a payment gateway, such as STRIPE and PayPal

Technical Solution

  • User experience design to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience to keep users engaged
  • Implemented Live Chat functionality using Firebase for Customer service integration
  • Integrated with the store’s existing systems, such as inventory management and point-of-sale systems
  • Implemented Third Party API for courier delivery tracking such as Bluedart, DHL
  • Integrated AWS Cloud Service for Scalability and high availability Architecture