Kirana King Retailer

Providing 24/7 marketplace for grocery merchants & retailers


Retail & FMCG


Android,Kotlin,PHP Laravel


Atlas MongoDB

Cloud Server

AWS S3,AWS Lambda


Kirana King Retailer

Specific Requirements

  1. System should be scalable with zero down time and with low latency
  2. Secure the system from external threats, hackers

Business Features

The best way for merchants and retailers to buy Grocery & FMCG products at competitive prices, better margins, and best offers for reselling.

Key feature included:
  • Registration Process
  • Enjoy wholesale prices everyday
  • No need of visiting Mandis,Wholesalers
  • Search for products 24×7
  • Manage Orders and Reorders in Application
  • Regular SMS Updates from placing an Order to Delivery
  • No need of wasting time with multiple salesmen throughout the day
  • Best Prices and Attractive Margins
  • Quantity Purchase Schemes (QPS) for registered businesses
  • Wide Range of Product Categories
  • Fast & Secure Check Out
  • Cash & Carry

Technical Solution

  • Mobile App that can work on low configuration devices
  • Integration with existing order management system
  • Push Notification and Email for order status alerts, festival discount offers alerts
  • Order Management and tracking through mobile application
  • Alerts for low inventory and about to expired products
  • An auto-scaled architecture built on AWS Cloud services to manage high availability and scalability.