Networking and Knowledge sharing platform for healthcare professionals & students globally




Flutter,Angular,Java,Spring Boot



Cloud Server

AWS S3,AWS Lambda


Medbound (

Specific Requirements

  1. System should be scalable with zero down time and with low latency
  2. System should perform handle 20000 concurrent user

Business Features

We built a web app where users could find and connect with like minded people, publish/consume healthcare related content.

Key feature included:
  • User Registration and verification.
  • BOUND – A unique interactive twitter like platform for people to exchange ideas (bounds)
    • create bounds (threads)
    • upload media (audio/video)
    • like bound
    • reply to a bound
    • share bound with other members
  • One on One Chat
  • Block Member feature
  • Member Quiz and Exam
  • Member Search
  • Notifications
  • Trend Analytics
  • Generating Certificates

Technical Solution

  • Web Panel using SPA solution
  • Text based search using ElasticSearch
  • Caching mechanism using Redis
  • Handling high load using Autoscaling
  • Enabling websocket – bidirectional communication for Chat
  • Async communication using RabbitMQ
  • Logs Aggregation with ELK and health check with Prometheus and Grafana
  • End to End Encryption with SSL
  • Usage of Kubernetes for High Availability.
  • Faster deployment cycle with CI and CD
  • Medical Certificate Generation using serverless technology.