Mom & Pop

Assisting Mom & Pop shops selling AT&T mobile products improve customer onboarding experience




Android,Kotlin,PHP Laravel


Atlas MongoDB

Cloud Server

AWS S3,AWS Lambda


Mom & Pop (AT&T Mexico)(

Specific Requirements

  1. Live Tracking of Delivery Person
  2. Implementation of AI to improve the route management
  3. Payment Gateway Solution d)Zero Downtime of the System

Business Features

Mom&Pop had different modules with different features.

Key feature included:
  • Geofencing of the location for Fleet on Street
  • Live Tracking of the person delivering the SIM Card
  • ERP Integration with other Systems
  • Warehouse Management
  • Wallet Management
  • Intelligent Route Selection based on Traffic
  • SSO using SAML Module
  • Dealer Management
  • SIM Card Offer Management
  • Mobile Application for both IOS and Android
  • Web Panel for Administration

Technical Solution

  • Usage of Google Map API for Live Tracking
  • Using dijkstra algorithm for shortest path along with Google Map to identify traffic congestion
  • Using the Event Storming model to keep the balance calculation for Cash & Wallet Management
  • The entire solution was implemented on AWS Cloud with Kubernetes and microservices to keep high availability as good as 24×7
  • Implementing the Adapter pattern for ERP System integration
  • Integration with Stripe Payment Gateway for Financial Transactions