Octopus Energy

Helping average household (in Texas) save up to 40% on their electricity bills


Energy & Utilities


Flutter,Angular,Java,Spring Boot



Cloud Server

AWS S3,AWS Lambda


Octopus Energy(http://evolvemyenergy.com)

Specific Requirements

  1. Scraping real-time price, carbon data from website
  2. Syncing with Smart Grid application database through REST API
  3. RT notification of price changes

Business Features

Octopus Energy guarantees 100% renewable energy from sources like solar and wind. Application use helps consumers reduce their carbon footprint by up to 70%

Key feature included:
  • Dashboard to check usage and outstanding payment details
  • Location-based real time notification of price hike and low
  • Feedback, Rewards and Gift coupons
  • Realtime electricity usage and carbon usage data
  • Setting up Limits for Prices (Low and High Limits)
  • Realtime invoice generation and payment status
  • In App payment through Credit Card
  • Viewing recent transactions and billing history
  • Payment by card and managing your recurring payments
  • Getting help with your account

Technical Solution

  • Prepared middleware for handling IOT devices
  • Integrated Public Energy API for getting Real time energy pricing data
  • Integrated STRIP for Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Firebase for Push Notification
  • Sync with Smart Grid application database through REST API
  • Integration of SQL Server Database and Sync it with MongoDB database
  • Integrated API for Ecobee, Honeywell, Google Nest thermostat, Tesla electric car to control for Auto Start and Stop when price goes low and high.