PWC’s digital upskilling needs




Flutter(Dart Language),Java,Spring Boot



Cloud Server

AWS,AWS Route53


ProEdge (

Specific Requirements

  1. Collection Data for All type of industries
  2. System should capable to handle 10 Million Track at a time
  3. System need to design with import industrial leading company with multi level organization

Business Features

An upskilling platform with immersive learning experiences that helps close skill gaps in your organization and prepare your people to address tomorrow’s challenges by creating a culture of citizen-led innovation

Key feature included:
  • Customize the digital learning journey
  • Get results with hands-on experiences
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Manage Tenant on ProEdge Admin Platform
  • Create Custom Track for Courses, Certificates and credentials
  • Real time recognition engine fetch data from 400+ Data Source

Technical Solution

  • Microservices based solution
  • Usage of Cloud to get faster deployment
  • Web Panel using SPA solution
  • Text based search using ElasticSearch
  • Caching mechanism using Redis
  • Handling high load using Autoscaling
  • Enabling websocket – bidirectional communication for Chat
  • Async communication using RabbitMQ
  • Logs Aggregation with ELK and health check with Prometheus and Grafana