App to help users track and improve their sleep patterns


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Cloud Server



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Specific Requirements

  1. Accurately tracking and measuring sleep data
  2. Subscription Plan & Data Privacy

Business Features

A sleep mobile application is a software program that is designed to help users track and improve their sleep patterns

Key feature included:
  • Sleep tracker to records the user’s sleep data and provides insights and recommendations for improving sleep quality
  • Tools and resources for managing sleep-related issues such as insomnia or sleep apnea
  • Integration with other health apps or devices
  • Set sleep goals and track their progress towards meeting those goals
  • Purchase the Subscription plan
  • In App Payment Gateway Functionality

Technical Solution

  • Implementation of sensors and algorithms to track sleep data and detect sleep stages
  • Deploy MongoDB Database for store user data, including sleep data and user profiles
  • Implementing Open source third Party API such as fitness trackers
  • An auto-scaled architecture built on AWS Cloud services to manage high availability and scalability
  • Push Notification & Whatsapp Notification
  • Implementation of STRIPE Payment Gateway for Payment purpose.