Education-focused app promoting learning while earning from videos and podcasts







Cloud Server



Speak Easy

Specific Requirements

  1. Support More than 30K Guest and Attendy
  2. Live chat during Live Stream
  3. Live stream support on All possible platform Mobile, Web, etc

Business Features

You can go live, see and clip the most-popular moments, replay podcasts on your feed, and accept tips from your followers

Key feature included:
  • Learn directly from your favorite podcasters
  • Get paid for your content
  • Social Feed showing all podcast replays
  • Host live podcasts
  • Listen or watch anytime you want
  • Follow your favorite content creators
  • Earn from your subscribers
  • The more you learn, the more you earn!
  • Mobile Application for both IOS and Android
  • Web Desktop Version Also Available

Technical Solution

  • AWS Agora Service for Live Streaming Solution
  • Using the Event Storming model to keep the balance calculation for Cash & Wallet Management
  • The entire solution was implemented on AWS Cloud with Kubernetes and microservices to keep high availability as good as 24×7
  • Implementing the Adapter pattern for ERP System integration
  • Integration with Stripe Payment Gateway for Financial Transactions
  • Using Mobile Local Caching and Queuing for Offline Support with Mobile Native Local Database