Trrain Circle

Wellbeing, Recognition & Skill Development portal for frontline associates, employees in Retail & Allied Sectors







Cloud Server

AWS S3,AWS Lambda


Trrain Circle (

Specific Requirements

  1. Supporting employee rewards and offers

Business Features

Through this platform frontline employees in retail sector get access to curated content, tips, webinars and access to specific services such as mental health counselling for wellbeing for self and families.

Key feature included:
  • Language selection (app made available in 5 different languages)
  • Section for inspiring videos in four categories (Career, Health, Finance and Fun)
  • Daily News, Horoscope
  • Training Organisation Policy related articles
  • Surveys & Quizzes
  • Rewards & Offers
  • Webinar Related to Specific Services
  • Employee Rewards
  • Polls

Technical Solution

  • Integrated CleverTap Analytics Tool
  • Setup auto backup from Clevertap to the AWS Cloud server
  • Auto-scaled architecture built on AWS Cloud services to manage high availability and scalability
  • Deployed MongoDB on Atlas Cloud service for security and scalability
  • Real Time Push Notification
  • AWS S3 and Cloudfront for Streaming the Low latency on demand video